When is your favourite toy shop open and when is your favorite toy shop closed?

By Tanya HarelThe city of Tarn Taran in India is famous for its colourful, colorful shopping.

But when the city’s famous toy shop, Tazheer, opens for business next week, visitors will be able to shop for toys at a more traditional and family-friendly shopping centre.

The Tazheser toy shop opened in the capital city of Delhi, in the former British colony of India, on February 6.

The city has a long tradition of toy shops, but few in the past have been opened as quickly as Tazhaer.

The store opened in 1991, and is known for its large display of popular toys and its assortment of toys for young children, from baby dolls to robots.

The shop has a number of other stores across India.

In 2015, the city launched the Tazhan Toys Store in the city, a popular centre for toy collectors.

A Tazhen, or toy shop store, is a public place in a shopping district where goods are displayed.

The name Tazher is Sanskrit for “city”.

The shop is located on a large, one-storey building in Tazhedabad.

The main part of the shop is made up of two floors, one for the toys, the other for the merchandise.

Tazheers main customers are Indian children.

It is also used for the sale of books and bookshelves.

The toy store has a big variety of toys including toys for kids, toys for adults, books, calendars, calendars and other toys.

The owner, the Trazhaers founder and chief executive, Shivakumar Srinivasan, said he was proud to have opened Tazhetaer.

The store has been a major source of income for the family.

The business was founded in 1991 and is a very popular centre of Indian toy collectors, Sriniva said.

He said Tazhereers sales had doubled in the last five years.

“We have made a lot of progress.

We have brought in toys for children, books and children’s bookshelved items.

We also have a lot in the store for adults,” Srinivasan said.

The owners aim to cater to a variety of people.

Tazhemas goal is to cater for a variety and age range.

The toys, toys, bookshelve and calendar are all covered with stickers and paper, Sarnash, who works in the shop, said.

He said they have made great progress in making toys for all ages.

The most popular items are baby dolls, robots, figures, and many toys that are toys for toddlers.

Toys for children range from toy cars, to toys for babies, to baby dolls and even dolls with little girls and little boys in them.

Sarnash said Trazheer’s main goal was to cater mostly to the Indian market.

He was keen to add a second store, if the business succeeds.

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