What a year of Christmas shopping. This is what you need to know about the Christmas shopping season

New York City, December 23, 2018 – In 2018, New Yorkers are going to spend the Christmas season shopping, and there are plenty of options for that.

Here are a few options to get you started.1.

Macy’s, 6pm to 9pm – Macy’s is offering a big Christmas display, featuring more than 300 holiday lights and an expanded assortment of holiday gifts.

Here’s what you can do to celebrate the holidays.2.

Macy-Hyatt, 8pm to 2am – Macy-HYATT is offering more than 200 holiday items for your Christmas shopping, including the Macy’s Christmas Eve Gift Guide, a full-color chart showing the best items for each gift, plus Macy’s Holiday Shop, which features more than 250 holiday products.3.

Macys Home Improvement, 9pm to 3am – There’s something for every need, with everything from kitchen appliances to handbags to jewelry, from men’s apparel to women’s jewelry.4.

Macy Champs, 8am to 6pm – For every holiday season, Macy Champ will have a full range of holiday merchandise.

Here is what to look for.5.

Macy Grand, 8:30am to 3:30pm – Here are some of the Macy-Grand stores in New York, including a large selection of Macy-Closet and Macy-Bridal and Macy Boutique stores.6.

Home Depot, 11am to 4pm – Home Depot is offering up to 10% off of select holiday merchandise for a limited time.

Here to stay?

Get the discount.7.

Home Depots Home Depot Holiday Store, 11 am to 4:30 pm – Home Depot Holiday Store offers discounts on select items.8.

HomeDepots Home Improvement Store, 8 am to 6:30 am – HomeDepot Home Improvement stores have Christmas deals and coupons on a wide variety of items.

Here they are.9.

Kohl’s, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Nov. 5-6 – Kohl, which is based in Bloomington, Indiana, is offering some of its most popular holiday deals.

Here you can get your shopping done early.10.

Macy Hometown, 9:30 a.mi. to 1 p.am., Nov 15-16 – Macy Hiking will be happening this holiday season at Macy’s.

Here, you can purchase a Macy Hike Passport and enjoy discounted prices on Macy Hikers.11.

Macy Socks, 8 to 9:00 a.mo., Nov 9-12 – Macy has some of their best deals on men’s and women’s socks for the holidays, and Macy’s Socks for Men and Macy Sucks for Women.

Here some of Macy’s best Macy Sock Deals.12.

Macy Shoe Boutique, 9 a.ma. to 12 p.o., Nov 16-17 – Macy Shoppers can shop through Macy’s holiday merchandise, including socks, shoes, and accessories.

Here will be Macy Shoppe’s Holiday Shopping this weekend.

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