What you need to know about the new Costco store in central city shopping

You’ll be surprised to learn that Costco has built its new store in the central city, just a few blocks from where you and your family might have enjoyed a morning cup of coffee or an afternoon snack.

The Costco store is called the Central City Shopping Center and it will be located at 2115 Broadway, just south of the intersection of Constitution Avenue and Seventh Street NW.

The store is being constructed by the company’s own company, Costco Holdings Corp. (CTC).

It will include a Costco supercenter, a 2,500-square-foot, four-level grocery store and a pharmacy, all of which are located in the same building.

The project is the largest in Costco’s history, with more than $2 billion in investment.

The center will also include a 2.5-acre parking lot, a 400-space parking garage and a large parking garage on the northeast corner of Broadway and Seventh. 

The Central City shopping center will have a Costco Supercenter and a Costco Pharmacy, a Costco store and an assortment of stores and merchandise, according to the company.

It will also feature an extensive, new 24-hour convenience store. 

In addition to the Costco store, the company has announced that it is building a second Costco Superstore in the nearby neighborhood of the Capitol, located at 1120 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.

That store will have two Costco Superstores and two Costco Pharmacies.

The new Costco Super store will be opened in 2020 and be located in a new, larger building on Pennsylvania Avenue. 

CVS has also announced that its own Central City Supercenter will be opening in 2020. 

 The Costco store will likely be Costco’s second new store to open in the Washington region.

Costco will also open two new stores in the Portland, Oregon, area in 2020: a 1,300-square foot store on Southeast Main Street and a 600-square feet store on Portland Avenue NW and Broadway. 

But the biggest Costco store yet will be a Costco outlet in Arlington, Virginia.

Costco opened a Costco-branded store in Arlington in 2020 that will be the first of its kind in the United States.

The outlet will be adjacent to the Walmart Supercenter at 15th and Woodrow Streets.

The two stores will offer the same products as the Central CCC store, but will also have a dedicated Costco SuperCenter that will house Costco’s Supercenter stores and other Costco facilities.

Costco also plans to open a Costco Store in New York City, but that store is planned to open later this year.

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