Why do people have to pay for the internet?

By now, we’ve all heard of the so-called “net neutrality” rules being put in place by the Federal Government to protect the internet from big broadband companies.

It’s a measure designed to protect consumers from a tide of broadband providers like Comcast and AT&T who have been abusing the net neutrality rules to block and throttle certain services like Netflix.

Now, a new study from Australia’s Monash University has found that the Federal government has not done enough to protect net neutrality, and that a recent survey has shown that a majority of Australians are opposed to the changes.

Monash Professor Simon Williams told Tech Insider that he thinks the survey results are a sign that “the Australian public are really concerned about net neutrality”.

He said the survey’s findings are particularly important given that the Coalition is set to propose legislation in the upcoming Senate, which would allow internet service providers (ISPs) to charge internet users extra for the privilege of being able to access their content.

In addition, the study found that a whopping 74 percent of respondents felt that internet providers should be allowed to slow down or throttle websites and services.

Monks findings Monash conducted its survey online, using an online questionnaire that asked about the current state of internet regulation in Australia.

Monckton found that 73 percent of Australians believe that internet service is too important to be regulated by the government, and 78 percent believe ISPs should be able to block sites and services that don’t meet their requirements.

However, a majority said that internet companies should be given greater leeway to manage the content of their websites.

In contrast, just 28 percent of people said that ISPs should not be able, and just 10 percent said that the companies should not have the power to limit access to sites or services.

It also found that 55 percent of the respondents believed that ISPs had the power, or should have the ability, to “block or throttle content, such as video streaming”.

The survey found that more than half of respondents (55 percent) believed that the Government should “limit the amount of information that ISPs can store on their servers”, which would include websites, apps and games.

“When ISPs do this, they are doing so on a much smaller scale than they otherwise would,” Williams said.

“They’re essentially handing over the data to the government on behalf of the ISPs, which they do because they believe that that’s what is best for the ISP.”

He added that the findings of Moncktown are “very concerning” because the “internet as a whole” is “very fragmented” and there is no common approach to regulating the internet.

The Monckmansts findings are similar to a survey conducted in January by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), which found that just 39 percent of Australian internet users think ISPs should “not be able” to block content and that internet users want the Government to “legislate for this right” to exist.

Moncks findings Monckson’s findings, which come in line with Moncktons findings from December, are consistent with previous studies that have shown that Australians are in favour of net neutrality.

But Williams said that “these results are very concerning for the Government” because “they suggest that the public is very concerned about the future of net-neutrality”.

Monckmans findings Moncks research found that “people are concerned that ISPs will be able ‘to throttle content and websites on a case-by-case basis’ and ‘block or slow down content and services in favour or against the ISP’s request.'”

This means that ISPs could effectively be “unfairly limiting the internet for their own profit,” Moncks findings read.

Williams said the Moncktons results are “not surprising” given that “a large number of people don’t think that the internet should be regulated at all.”

“We found that even more people feel that ISPs have too much power and that this is not just limited to the Federal Parliament, but that the majority of people are also concerned about this.”

Williams added that Monckts findings “are a real sign of public dissatisfaction with the status quo.”

Monck’s findings were published online by Moncktom, which is part of the Monash Institute of Research.

Monchts findings Monch said that he and his team are “disappointed by Moncks results and are considering further research into what the public thinks about this issue.”

Moncks said he and the Monks researchers were “surprised” by Monches findings because they “suggest that Australians would be in favour” of an increase in net neutrality protections.

“We were also surprised to find that more people believe that ISPs shouldn’t be able [to] throttle content than that they should have these power,” Moncks wrote.

“However, there is little consensus on the issue between the parties, and a majority would be against an increase to the powers of ISPs.”

Monch added that “it is not surprising that the Australian public is concerned about internet regulation” given the

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