Shopping Dickson City,Bne City: Shopping is good for the environment

Shopping is an integral part of the life of people in many cities across the country, and it has a vital role to play in our sustainability, said Dr. Anand Choudhary, chairman of the Environment Ministry and president of the International Council for Shopping.

The shopping industry in India is a global one, and its impact on the environment is significant.

The government has implemented measures to improve the shopping environment, he said, noting that it has introduced the Retail Environment Improvement Programme (REIP), which aims to make the shopping economy more eco-friendly and sustainable.

“The REIP scheme is designed to make shopping more eco friendly and sustainable and has been implemented by the ministry of environment and forests, which is also a part of Environment Minister Kiren Rijiju’s Cabinet.

There are plans to implement a new scheme for small businesses in the next few years,” said Choudy.

In Bne City, a town with a population of around 4,500 people, shoppers can avail discounts on goods such as clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and household goods from October 10 to April 5.

The department of forests and environment has allocated Rs 1.3 lakh to buy eco-conscious clothes and other products to improve eco-friendliness and the environment, Choudhy said.

The department also plans to promote awareness and help consumers in their shopping journey.

“We are also working on a scheme that will help people buy green products through their shops.

There is a plan to provide a discount on eco-neutral products through a new cooperative cooperative scheme,” he said.

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