Which Jersey City shops are the best in the city?

New Jersey’s largest retailer is on a roll with its latest offering.

City Paper, which opened a branch in the Old Jersey City area in December, is selling a range of paper goods, including cardstock, stamps, envelopes and other products.

The chain’s co-founder and chief executive, David Smith, said the shop was born out of the need for a new and better-quality product.

It was not a difficult decision to open the new location, he said.

Smith added that he hopes the chain will continue to expand in New Jersey as other companies start to take notice.

The shop is located at 611 Main St. in the heart of Jersey City’s bustling Old City, and Smith said the store is expected to sell to about 40,000 people a month.

Smith said the company will focus on the Jersey City and Newark areas, and he expects it will remain open for about two years.

“We will keep expanding the store as much as we can, but there will be some downsides,” Smith said.

“We have a lot of customers from Jersey City, so we’ll be looking at that.

But we’re going to have the same customers in the stores in the New Jersey City areas, so it will be a very successful model.”

Smith said he expects to have a staff of 15 to 20 people who will operate the store with a focus on helping customers shop locally.

He also said that he would like to see the business expand in the area of the city and not just in the suburbs.

With a population of just more than 200,000, Jersey City is one of the largest New Jersey cities.

The New Jersey Times reports that Smith said he will not be expanding the New York store that is located on the former Hudson River port property.

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