When it comes to shoplifting, Dubai is pretty bad

Dubai, the world’s most expensive shopping destination, is known for its high prices and strict security measures, but for a number of its residents, that’s not enough to justify the massive amount of money they spend on the city.

As of December, Dubai had the world record for the most shops unbluffed and nearly 300,000 people had been arrested, according to the Dubai Civil Defence Authority.

Dubai also had the most shoplifting cases in the world, with more than 11,000 shops being closed or confiscated for shoplifting.

Many of those arrested are foreign nationals who were arrested while living in the UAE and have not yet been released.

This trend is not limited to Dubai; there are a number other cities that have a lot of shoplifting and have a reputation for being lax with their enforcement.

There are also reports that shops have been closed in other cities, including Hong Kong, Dubai, and Istanbul.

In January, a woman was arrested in Hong Kong for shoplicking at a Chinese restaurant.

In the United Arab Emirates, the government has also been cracking down on shoplifting in recent months, with hundreds of shops closed or shut down over the last few years.

But for many in Dubai, it’s still not enough.

The country’s shops are so popular, in fact, that many shoplifters will often spend hours or days on the street to get their hands on the products.

A shoplifting spree at a shopping mall in Dubai.

Many shoplifbers spend hours in a shopping center.

Image source Hackers have recently stepped up efforts to target shoplifting in the United States and elsewhere in the Middle East, but so far the crackdown has not gone as well for the UAE.

In March, hackers were arrested in the city of Dubai after trying to break into the offices of a major American electronics company.

According to the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the UAE government was able to trace the hackers to an employee at the company.

The Emirati hacker group had been attempting to breach into the company’s computer network, according the government.

This was in spite of a number security measures implemented by the company, including hiring additional security staff and a firewall that blocked access to the company networks.

As a result, the hackers were able to break in to the office and steal valuable information and files.

In February, the United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency (NCA) reported that hackers were targeting UK retailers and other retailers in the country.

The hackers had also targeted retail outlets in Dubai and London, and had targeted some large supermarkets.

The NCA reported that the attackers had also stolen data on more than 300,500 people.

One of the hackers even managed to gain access to a police computer, which they were able “to execute several cyber-attacks against UK retailers.”

It was not immediately clear what kind of cyberattacks the hackers had attempted to carry out on retailers.

The hack also led to the arrest of several Emiratis who were part of the group, including a British national.

“The UK government has taken a number actions to prevent the exploitation of the UAE, including the introduction of security measures at UK stores, and the closure of all UAE shops in the UK,” a spokesman for the Ministry of Economy and Information Technology told Al Jazeera.

“We will continue to work with the UK government to identify and bring to justice those responsible for these cyber-incidents.”

As for Dubai, however, it seems that the city is struggling with the problem.

In May, a video of a shoplifter being arrested was posted on YouTube.

A police officer can be seen arresting the man, but the video has since been removed.

The UAE’s interior ministry has said that the shoplifting has become a “major security issue,” and that its government is working with the UAE Ministry of Defence to implement a number measures.

But the Dubai authorities have not been able to address the problem completely.

On Thursday, the Dubai Police Department said that it was unable to provide any information on the case.

In a statement, the department said that “due to the high volume of incidents” that it is unable to comment on, it could not comment further.

Al Jazeera contacted the Dubai police department, but did not receive a response.

In July, the police department said it would provide details about the arrest.

“However, the investigation into this matter is ongoing and we cannot give any further details as this is a police matter,” it said.

The United Kingdom also reported a spike in shoplifting incidents in the summer of 2015, with many shops closing for the summer due to a lack of staff, and also due to the rise in the number of Emiratis in the market.

The number of shoplifts in the Emirati market was also reportedly on the rise.

According a report by the UK’s National Police Chiefs’ Council, there were 1,000 shoplifting investigations across the UK last year.

The police department has also reportedly

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