How to spend your free time in Virginia: Where to eat, shop and eat your way around town

In Virginia, we all love our free time.

It’s not just the free time we have, it’s the time we spend with friends, family and the people we love.

Here are the 10 things to do in Virginia before and after work: • Enjoy a free pizza at one of the many local restaurants in Brechin.

• Get some work done at one or two of the local businesses in town.

• Visit the Brechting Museum in Brechtsburg, one of Virginia’s best places to watch the world come alive.

• Catch a concert at a local concert venue.

• Take a walk around the downtown area.

• Enjoy some of the best local food in Brecht.

• Stop by a local pub and take in a free beer.

• Check out the local art gallery.

• Join the Brechin Art Walk, which is a free and open-air event that starts at noon each day.

• Spend a few hours with friends at a picnic table or in the woods.

• Find a quiet place to hang out at the local bar or café.

• Go for a hike at one the beautiful hiking trails.

• Attend a community gathering at the Brecht Recreation Center.

• Head to a local zoo.

• Walk around the historic downtown area or walk through the historic town square.

• Meet up with your friends for a beer or brunch.

• Read a book.

• Watch a movie.

• Listen to music.

And, of course, we love to eat!

• Enjoy your favorite local eateries or try some new local dishes.

• Play a game of tennis or golf with your family.

• Do some shopping at local thrift stores.

• Shop at local specialty stores like The Bazaar and the Museum of Art.

• Learn to sew.

• Have a great time at a concert or a movie at one that suits you.

• Make a day out of it.

• Plan a birthday celebration at a spa, or make a family getaway with a family of five.

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