Oceanside’s new $20,000 kart shops open to the public

Oceansiders will soon be able to buy and sell karts, bikes and other recreational vehicles in the City of Lakeside.

The first two shops open today, and the city is currently looking for additional partners for the rest of the month.

The city says the new shops will open in April and will be open to all ages, regardless of their skill level.

“These businesses are designed to be family friendly, and are designed for people of all ages to enjoy a variety of activities,” the city said in a news release.

“We believe the parks and open spaces of the City will benefit from the many opportunities that the community will have to enjoy.”

The new shops are located at 823 Main Street, and there will be parking for both the public and private vehicles.

The City of Lakeside will also be offering an “Open Wheel” program for the first four months of operation.

The city says this is designed to allow people to bring their own bikes and equipment to participate in the events, and to help encourage bicycle ownership.

“The City is committed to the growth of bicycling in the Lakeside community and to creating an inclusive environment for all,” the release says.

The Open Wheel program is currently open to registered participants, but there will soon become an open-to-the-public program.

“There are many opportunities for people to get involved,” the statement says.

“These new shops and the public events will help bring new people to our community.”

The city also said the new locations are a result of its recently completed Bike Plan.

The plan outlines the city’s vision for the future of its parks and recreation, and it outlines the need for bike infrastructure in Lakeside, including a protected bike lane.

In addition, the city says its plans for the new shop locations will help improve the area’s water quality.

Oceanside Mayor Dan Boudreaux told The Times that while he appreciates the community’s interest in the new businesses, he has no immediate plans to open them.

He said the city will wait for feedback from residents before making a decision on whether to expand or close the shops.

“We’re looking at what’s the best thing to do,” Boudres said.

“This is our goal, and we want to be successful with our plan and make sure that we can continue to get the jobs and the revenue and bring the vibrancy of the city to the people of Lakesland.”

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