Boyne City is buying up properties in central city for £1.3 million

Boyne city has bought up a significant number of properties in the central city shopping district, according to the company which owns the properties.

The company said it was purchasing the properties on behalf of the City of Boyne.

It is the first time that the property owners have had to make the deal, as the City has been under pressure from the state government to reduce prices.

The properties include a supermarket, a supermarket restaurant, a shoe store and an estate agent, according the company.

A spokesperson for the City said: “The purchase price was agreed by the property owner and the City, which was in the process of evaluating its properties.

The City is in discussions with the property’s current owner and is negotiating a new lease on the property.”

A spokesperson from the developer said: ‘The City of boyne is in talks with the owner of the properties and is in the final stages of negotiations for a new, long-term lease of the property.

The owner has been informed and will shortly inform the City.’

The properties are located in Boyne Central Shopping Centre, which is just a short walk from the Boyne Mall, the centre of Boye City.

Boyne is home to about 8,000 people and is a major tourist destination.

It’s a well-known location in the city, as it is a popular area for weddings and family gatherings.

The city’s planning department is looking to reduce the price of accommodation, with the city council’s chief executive, Jim Hynes, looking to allow for a 20 per cent discount on all new accommodation for the next five years.’

I don’t think the city has made the right decision in buying up any of the commercial properties in Boye Central shopping centre,’ Mr Hynes said.

‘I think it’s a good thing for the community, and I think it would help to attract the new investment that we are hoping to see.’

Boyne City Council, which oversees the city’s property market, said it had no comment.

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