How to play the game Rockingham City: Game of the Week

It’s the latest in the Rockingham city games series, and it’s a very popular one with some users, including one who claims he’s won $10,000 worth of prizes.

The game itself is simple enough: you’re given a square of cardboard to draw on, and if you click on the top left of the cardboard, a random rock will appear and you can place it anywhere on the map.

The Rockingham Games website says that the Rocking Horse’s favourite spot is a “cove of sand and stones”.

It’s worth pointing out that you can also click on a specific rock to change the terrain, but you can’t move it or change the colour.

The rock will also appear in a small picture at the top of the screen, so you can see what’s in front of you.

You can see the different rock types in the map, and each type has different effects on the game, like changing the angle of the map and the number of tiles on it.

You might be wondering how you can play the Rockings game in the first place, and this article will give you a bit of a history lesson on how to get started.

How to Play Rockingham: Game Of The Week 1.

Click on the square on the right of the top-left corner of the image.

You’ll see a ‘X’ icon next to it.

Click it, and a new screen will appear.

Click the ‘Change’ button.


At the top right of this screen, there will be a ‘Change Color’ option.

Select ‘Sand’ and ‘Stone’.


Next to the Sand and Stone option, you’ll see the option to ‘Set a Color’.

Select ‘Red’.


Next, select the ‘Rock’ option, and you’ll be able to move and rotate the Rock that you’ve drawn on the cardboard.


When you’ve clicked on a Rock, you can move it around on the board and choose which direction it should move in.

The way that the game is played is that you draw a line along the cardboard and then click to ‘move’ the line.

The number of ‘moves’ you make determines how many times you can ‘place’ the Rock on the screen.


You may be wondering why you’d want to do this, and the answer is simple: you want to make sure that the player you’re playing with is familiar with the area.

This is because, as you progress in the game you’ll discover more and more of the locations of the city and the Rock.

There are also secret areas to discover, and even hidden rooms to explore.

This could be an opportunity for you to win some prizes, or to discover more about the game.

The whole process is very simple, and there’s a whole section in the tutorial section that will walk you through the entire process.

You need to be a registered user on the Rockington Games website to take part in the process, so be sure to register.

If you’re interested in taking part in this exciting new game, then we recommend you get in touch to sign up to be notified when it goes live on Friday.

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