How to shop in Dickson City, NC

Dickson city, NC — (CBS News) It’s not everyday you can walk down a main street and find yourself in the heart of the Charlotte metropolitan area.

But, that’s exactly what happened to me on a recent Sunday afternoon.

A group of friends were driving by the shopping center in Denton County when they spotted a group of people standing in line at the local Walmart.

I stopped my car in the lot to chat with them, but instead of a person, there was a bunch of people dressed in the colors of a Walmart.

They were all wearing white and were all waiting for their Walmart to open.

The Walmart staff told them they could not enter the store but they were allowed to leave.

They then left without paying for anything.

The store was empty when I went inside.

Walmart did not return my call for comment.

The next day, my friend and I went to the mall to check out the local jewelry store, but when we arrived, there were no customers.

It turned out the store had been closed since early November and had been for some time.

The manager told me that he had not been able to get the store open for several months and that he was just not getting enough customers.

The last time he did business in the mall, he had received about 50 people in a day, he said.

He also said he had been working for a while to make the store reopen.

I asked him if he would like to see if the store was open to the public again, and he said he would look into it.

He said he was happy to see that the store reopened.

He told me he was grateful to the Walmart employees for all the hard work they put into making it open again.

I was curious to see what he said to the customers.

I went out and asked around the mall and I got the impression that many people were still waiting for the store to open to get into the store.

The people at the store were very nice to me and seemed to know my business.

They did not seem upset when I asked them what was going on.

They told me they were still working on it.

I had the opportunity to speak to one of the employees and ask about the closure and how he thought it would affect his store.

I told him I wanted to ask him how he felt about the Walmart closure.

He did not know what I was talking about.

He was surprised that I asked.

He looked at me and said, “You’re a reporter, I can’t really answer that.”

I said, why not?

I want to know what Walmart is doing to help the people who have been waiting to shop there.

He laughed and said he wouldn’t know.

I told him that I was an independent journalist and that I wanted him to know that I appreciated the way he treated me.

He responded, “Good job.”

He told his manager to contact me if he ever got any inquiries about the mall.

I said I would be happy to come out and speak to him.

I have a story to tell.

He did not respond to my phone call.

My story is not uncommon.

Last month, I spoke with the CEO of the local retail chain.

He had heard about the store closure and asked me to speak with him.

He explained that he did not want me to go into detail because he did it to protect the employees.

I could hear the concern in his voice that he feared for his employees’ safety.

I also asked if I could talk with the store managers to see how they were handling the closure.

The owner told me to call back after I was done talking with the owner and to let him know how he was doing.

He never responded to my calls.

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