How to navigate the city-centric shops in the city of Syracuse

New York’s iconic blue city has some of the most vibrant and interesting shops in town, but many have gone out of business, according to a new study.

In fact, the city’s main blue city shop – the one where the tourists flock to – closed last year.

The survey, conducted by the city and a local group, shows that of the citys nearly 700 blue city shops, around 30 are no longer open, with about a quarter still operating.

There are also more than 500 blue city stores that are no-shows.

Blue city shop owners said they are struggling to survive because of the economic crisis.

“We are very much a small business and we’re very reliant on tourism.

If we can’t get a sale, then we’re down to the wire,” said Stephanie Lohr, who runs a blue city store in New York City’s Central Park.

“There are so many tourists in New England, we’re so reliant on our business and the business is very difficult right now.”

In the state of New York, which includes Syracuse, the blue city is the state’s second-largest city, after New York.

A study by the state Department of Transportation found that while the blue state has the second-highest number of blue city businesses, only five of those in the state are blue city owned.

“Blue city businesses are struggling because of economic uncertainty, lack of tax revenue, the financial impact of the hurricanes and the ongoing impact of Hurricane Sandy,” said Kathleen O’Connell, the director of the State of New Hampshire Division of Tourism and Industry.

The state’s tourism industry suffered the biggest blow when the state passed a sweeping law in 2013, requiring businesses that opened in January to open by March, which affected many businesses in the blue cities.

That meant those in New Jersey, Delaware, Rhode Island, New York and Pennsylvania that opened before March 1 were exempt from the state law.

The blue cities also were hit hard.

“I have seen a lot of blue cities that are closed and that’s just the reality of life,” said Lohre.

“It’s hard to put a dollar value on that.

You look at the blue town in Syracuse, you see it’s been shut down.

The people in the town are devastated.”

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