Grove City shopping center’s new parking lot will cost more than $1 million

Grove city’s shopping center is about to get a big facelift.

A new parking area, which was built for $8 million in 2015, will cost the city $1.4 million over the next five years, according to documents obtained by CBC News.

The parking lot opened in July 2017 and has already generated $2.4-million in city revenue since it opened.

The $1-million-plus cost comes with some major changes to the site, including a new roof, new lighting and a larger garage.

The city expects to spend about $1,000 a month on the project.

The cost of the parking lot is about $2,000 per year, according a city budget report obtained by the CBC.

It will be funded by $944,500 from the city’s general fund, with about $700,000 from the Parking and Transportation Trust Fund, according the city website.

The report also noted that $350,000 will be paid to Grove’s Downtown Community Development Corporation to develop the parking area.

“The parking area will include a parking structure, new parking garages and an on-street bike storage facility, plus landscaping and an area to park motorcycles,” the city wrote.

The area will be developed by the Downtown Community development corporation, which is a city department.

The plaza is located near the city headquarters and the Grove Convention Center.

The City of Grove has not yet decided if the plaza will be expanded.

It’s also unclear how much of the $1M will be spent on construction.

A parking lot at the city shopping center.

The project includes the purchase of a $5 million parking lot and a $1MM garage.

It is not clear whether the parking garage will be retained as a city asset, which the city hopes to retain after the project is completed.

It was initially announced in November that the city would be adding a $2M parking garage at the plaza.

In a letter to the City Council, city spokeswoman Michelle Kelleher wrote that the project will allow for increased street parking and a parking deck at the center.

“These new spaces will be accessible for visitors to park in the plaza,” she wrote.

“Additionally, they will be equipped with public transit, and we will continue to offer free parking at the corner of Groves Street and Biltmore Avenue.”

The city has not announced when it will install the new parking garage, or what it will cost.

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