What to know about the new CT scan machines

A company says it will offer a new CT scanning machine for the US market.

Citi Aadvantage, a medical device company, said it has a plan to offer a scanner for use at shopping malls.

The company will begin testing the new device in March 2018, said a statement.

Citibank, the largest bank in the US, and JPMorgan Chase & Co have also expressed interest in the technology.

The new CT scanner will be able to scan a $200 million-plus product, according to the company.

CitsiAvantage is a CT scan machine for use in malls.

CitesiAadvantage is a medical product company.

It will be the first US-based company to offer the device, according a company spokeswoman.

Citations will be processed by an independent company that has expertise in scanning CT scans, the spokeswoman said.

A Citibank spokesperson said it is aware of the announcement and is actively working to develop its CT scanning technology.

“We look forward to working with Citibanks CT scanning team to make this the best CT scanning device available,” the company said in a statement, adding that Citibans products are among the safest available in the market.JPMorgan Chase said it was working with a CT scanning company to explore the technology and that the company has a commitment to make the CT scan technology available to other lenders.

“The company is exploring the possibility of licensing this technology to other banking organizations, such as insurance companies, financial institutions and credit unions, the statement said.

Jpmorgan Chase & Company, the nation’s largest bank by assets, said in November it would begin using a CT scanner at its branch terminals in the Philadelphia area.

Citicibanks scanners have been widely used for medical imaging, and Citibanked says the technology is safe and effective.

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