How to spot the new wave of street vendors in Melbourne

A wave of new street vendors has been hitting Melbourne streets in recent weeks, and some are calling them the new “coconut wave”.

City Creek Shopping Centre in Melbourne’s CBD is one of the city’s most popular new street stalls, with more than 500 of them parked outside the store.

“The coconut wave is coming, but it’s a little bit slower than I would have thought, and it’s coming from a new wave that is very different to what we had last year,” said resident Melissa, who has been working in the business for almost a decade.

Melissa said she was “shocked” to find the new street food options were still “only available in Melbourne”.

“You might have a local or something and it might be available in other cities, but not Melbourne.

I think the city council’s been slow to realise that,” she said.

The street food vendors have also been selling “candy, candy bars, candy pops, and a whole bunch of other things”, and many of the items are imported.

Melissa was shocked by the influx of street food into Melbourne.

While she was surprised to see the street food vendor business boom, she was also “excited” to see how many new vendors were coming to the city.

“I think the coconut wave has been a bit slow to catch up with the wave that we’ve been seeing.

So I’m excited to see that as it gets more popular, more people come into the street vendors business,” she added.”

People are looking for new things and they want to know what it is, how it’s made, and how it works.”

The city council said it was working to develop a more comprehensive food safety plan to protect Melbourne’s residents.

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