How to book the best Las Vegas party venue for the right date


(AP) Las Vegas has a new trend: the “party city” theme.

The term has been popping up across Las Vegas lately, and in many cases it’s been adopted to describe the places where the crowds are packed.

In this case, the word party is used to describe a place where there’s more of a “club atmosphere,” which means the music is often high-energy and the vibe is more casual than what you’d find at a party.

This has been the case for years at the famed Hotel Indigo, which has become a favorite of many locales, including the city’s Wynn hotel and casino.

“It’s really just an opportunity to really create something unique for yourself,” said hotel general manager, Scott Litz.

He says there are a lot of different kinds of events that are happening, and there are some that you can’t really see.

The name “party” comes from the fact that the city has many different festivals and events, so they’re not necessarily just going to a party every weekend.

The term is derived from the Latin word partyus, meaning a “tourist festival,” which is an outdoor party that is usually held at night, usually in an open space.

In many ways, the term “party town” comes with a big caveat: it’s an outdoor event.

That means it’s not the same as a traditional event like a concert or a club, Litz said.

It’s kind of like the difference between a wedding and a barbecued pig roast.

The party city theme has gained traction with local businesses in recent years.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal recently reported that Las Vegas-area businesses like Kool’s, B&M, and Pizza Hut are doing more to capitalize on the theme.

And there are now dozens of “party-town” themed restaurants around the state, including one in Phoenix.

One of the most popular is the one at The Rock, a popular outdoor venue in the Phoenix suburbs, which serves “party food” with cocktails and food that includes “party snacks.”

The theme is getting some new attention in Las Vegas, too, with the city planning a $1.5 million party hotel at Wynn’s Mandalay Bay.

And in recent weeks, the Wynn Las Vegas casino has started adding to its already-large outdoor seating at its event venues, including its new “party village.”

Wynn Las Las Vegas recently opened its new party village in the heart of the casino’s Mandalays Bay hotel, where the city will soon be offering a “party room.”

“We think we have something that we feel like is going to bring in a lot more guests and have an even more intimate experience for people,” said Wynn spokeswoman Ashley Kephart.

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