How to Play GTA V Online – Free Play – Tips and Tricks

When you download GTA V for the first time you’re given the option to play free. 

But, as you might expect, the free game does come with some restrictions, including being limited to playing on the PS4 Pro and PS4 with the game’s 1080p resolution. 

As a result, we’ve decided to take a look at some of the most common and useful tricks you can use to unlock GTA V’s free content. 

These tips and tricks are for the PS3 and PS Vita versions of GTA V, but they can also be applied to the PC version.1.

Play GTA Online with a single savefile to unlock a new game2.

Load a single saved game and then restart the game after you’ve finished your first play session3.

Save before entering a multiplayer session (or a lobby)4.

Play a multiplayer game with your friends (or even strangers) on the same PC5.

If you are not in the game with friends, and you’re not using a PS4 or PS4Pro, you can play offline using the PS Vita Online option6.

Save your progress in GTA V (or any other GTA game) on your computer7.

Save all your saved games on your PC, then load them back up again if you need to8.

If your save file is corrupted, or if you can’t find the game you want to play on your PS4, use the PS5 Online option instead9.

If there are any bugs in GTA Online, you should check out our GTA V Fix FAQ. 

And if you’re looking for more GTA V tips, tips and Trickery, be sure to check out the GTA V Forums.

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