Why I’m ‘not really in the market for a new iPhone’

I’ve been using the iPhone for five years now and have never been tempted to upgrade to the latest model.

But the latest iPhone X is about to change that.

The iPhone X has been designed to be smaller and lighter, and Apple has announced that it will ditch the traditional Home button on the iPhone X. Instead, the new device will feature a home button that is designed to interact with a fingerprint scanner, rather than having a home screen icon onscreen.

This means that a new fingerprint scanner will be able to be embedded in the home button to unlock the phone.

This new fingerprint scanning technology is being developed by German company Fingerprint, a company founded by a former Apple employee.

The company has partnered with the Apple Design Lab to develop a new, secure fingerprint sensor that is being built into the iPhone’s home button.

The Fingerprint sensor is part of a suite of new fingerprint sensors designed to replace the Home button that were released by Apple in 2016.

The new Home button is a relatively simple button that people commonly use in phones, and it is easy to accidentally press, and there are few other ways to access it than tapping the home screen or the Home Button itself.

The Home button was designed to provide a secure location for the home user, and the new fingerprint sensor could replace it.

The idea of replacing the HomeButton with a new sensor is to ensure that the new sensor will not only work when you press it, but will also be able function when you are using the phone while holding it down in a pocket or purse.

Fingerprint’s fingerprint sensor The fingerprint sensor is an embedded part of the Home buttons on the front and rear of the iPhone.

This sensor is designed so that it can work when the Home is being used in a different way than when the phone is resting in your hand.

This is because the sensor can be used to unlock and control a phone from the Home, and this can be done using the Home’s vibration motor.

It is not clear how much information this sensor contains, but the company claims that it is up to 100 times larger than the existing Home button.

This will allow the fingerprint sensor to work with the iPhone if it is used in the same way as the existing home button, and then it can be switched to a different location when the user is not holding the phone down.

The fingerprint scanner also has a unique, user-accessible fingerprint recognition technology that can be programmed to recognise a fingerprint as an indication that it has been detected.

The current Home button requires you to tap the fingerprint scanner to unlock a phone, so the new Home Button will only unlock phones with a Touch ID sensor embedded in them.

The Apple Design Labs also partnered with German manufacturer GmbH to develop the new home button’s fingerprint recognition system.

This technology is a new technology that has been developed by the German company for the Home.

The technology works in a similar way to the existing fingerprint sensors that were used in previous iPhones, and will be the same for all future Home button designs.

The device will use a combination of optical, magnetic, and thermal sensors to identify fingerprints as they are placed in the sensor.

The infrared light emitted from the sensor will also provide a visual indicator that the fingerprint has been registered.

This also works for other devices with sensors that are located above the home buttons, such as the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPad Pro.

Fingerprints are designed to recognise fingerprints based on their location on the sensor, which can be up to 10 metres away.

The sensor has to be installed at the top of the fingerprint scanning unit, or the fingerprint is unable to be recognised.

The sensors are currently being tested in various locations around the world, and Fingerprint is hoping to begin shipping the new devices in 2017.

The only problem with the new iPhone X Home button The iPhone is a popular device for users, and as the Home has been the primary place that people have been accessing their iPhone for a long time, people will be looking to replace it with a home sensor that will be more user-friendly.

This fingerprint sensor will only work if the user holds the phone at a certain height while it is in the pocket or on the phone itself, and so will only be able work when using the device while holding the Home down in your hands.

This would be a significant change from how the iPhone handles the Home when it is being held by the user.

The last time that the iPhone was made for the public, the Home was a bit of a nuisance to use because users were able to accidentally touch the Home without actually being able to press it.

But this time around, the iPhone is designed for use by people who have already set up a home-screen setup with an app, and for people who are already familiar with the Home and will have the Home to rely on.

For example, if you are sitting at home, you will be using the iOS Home to manage your home screens.

If you are not at home with

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