Why Melbourne’s shopping mall is so much cheaper than the city you live in

A shopping mall in Melbourne is now more expensive than the area it covers.

Dade City, a former industrial area, now has the cheapest rates for retail space per square metre on the continent. 

Its been around for almost 30 years, and the mall is still expanding.

The new site, known as the Westfield shopping centre, has a combined floor area of more than 12,000 square metres, and has a capacity of 20,000 people.

However, the new Westfield is also the biggest mall in the country, and it’s worth more than $US200 million ($270 million).

The Westfield’s biggest asset is the huge number of high-end shops that are located there, but the mall’s new location has also made it the biggest shopping centre in the world, according to data from eMarketer.

As well as the big name shops, there are a number of smaller retailers as well.

Dade City has more than 10,000 shops, which are the most popular, according with the site’s new ranking.

You’ll find some of the most well-known brands, including Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Calvin Klein Maxi.

There are also a number that are less well-regarded, like Zara, Dolce & Gabbana and Gap.

On the other hand, Dade city has a small but loyal group of small and independent shops that make up the vast majority of the shopping scene.

The shopping centre has also seen an influx of luxury stores.

Its new location is also close to the iconic Victoria Exhibition Centre, which houses the world’s largest shopping mall.

It’s also a big draw for the city’s international tourists, and its location next to the famous Bondi Beach is also a popular spot for tourists.

“It is a bit of a surprise that the mall in Victoria has such a large footprint in Melbourne,” said Michael Joffe, senior research analyst at eMarketers.

There are plenty of reasons why the mall has the lowest retail costs in the nation.

Firstly, it is located on a large, busy street, and so it’s easy for people to get lost and wander around.

This is why Dade is more expensive in the shopping centre than the rest of Melbourne, where its less crowded.

Secondly, it has so many retail outlets, which means that people are more likely to walk around and shop.

And finally, there is the high level of competition, as the mall offers a wide variety of products and brands, compared to other malls in Melbourne.

While the new mall is far from the biggest in the city, it’s definitely a major contender.

For example, Dades mall has 10 stores in total, and each of them has a high level to offer.

According to the site, there were 4,532 retail outlets in Dade last year, compared with 1,924 outlets in Melbourne’s main shopping centre.

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