How to shop for clothes in Carson City, Nevada

Shopping in Carson, Nevada is one of the most affordable places in the US, according to a new study from WalletHub. 

While there are some things that aren’t as cheap as in New York, such as groceries and gas, the cost of a basic item is about half what it is in New Jersey. 

“The basic item in Carson is still cheaper than in New Orleans, which is really the heart of the area,” said Dan Auerbach, the founder of WalletHub, which collects data on the cost and availability of everything from gas prices to credit card debt.

“In Carson, you can find cheap stuff for $30 a pop.

That’s really the only difference you’re going to see.” 

In addition to groceries and convenience stores, a good grocery store is worth about $15 a pop, while a good supermarket is worth $50. 

The average home price in Carson now is $150,000, according the city’s 2016 census, and is on pace to reach $160,000 by 2040. 

But while it’s cheaper in New Yorks or New York City, the average cost for a house is still $100,000. 

Carson also has the highest unemployment rate in the state, and the largest proportion of its population of anyone in the country, according a 2016 Pew Research Center study. 

People are willing to work harder than ever to get by, but it’s still much harder than it used to be, Auerbald said. 

Some areas of the US are also experiencing economic growth, but in Nevada, Carson is among the worst places in which to live, according Topping. 

That is because Carson has been devastated by the drought, and its still relatively young, said Topping, who is a senior research associate with the Economic Policy Institute. 

For example, Carson has seen the number of people moving to Nevada more than double since the drought started in 2014. 

In the first three months of this year, there were a record 1.3 million people moving into the state. 

It is expected to be one of Nevada’s fastest growing regions over the next few years, with the city seeing more people moving in than leaving. 

Topping said Carson’s economic situation is one reason the city is ranked among the top ten worst places to live in the entire country.

“Carson is in a very difficult position,” he said.

“Its not like you can go from New York or Los Angeles to Vegas.

There’s a lot of bad stuff going on.

People don’t want to come out.

You have this really high poverty rate.” 

Auerbach said that Carson’s poverty rate is about 12 percent, compared to about 10 percent in New Mexico. 

More: The US has the lowest share of residents living in poverty in the world, according data compiled by the World Bank, and Carson has the fifth lowest poverty rate of any US city. 

There are no plans to remove Carson from the rankings, which would bring it in line with other American cities that are not ranked in the top 10. 

However, the city has said it will continue to be a top priority in the future for local and state government officials. 

As for what residents are seeing in Carson this year? 

“I think people are really excited about what they’re seeing,” Auerberg said.

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