When it comes to the future of a city’s shopping centre: The future is now

Posted September 12, 2018 09:53:08 The future of the city’s urban shopping centres is being decided.

In a report, a group of academics from the University of Adelaide and the University and State University of New South Wales have warned the cities’ current urban areas will soon become obsolete, and the cities will have to focus on the growth of their other, larger centres, instead.

Key points:The report by the Urban Research Institute says cities should be focused on their biggest centres”With less than two years left in the federal election, it is imperative that the next federal government focus on what cities are best positioned to grow,” it says.

It says that while the research group recommends “greater emphasis on regional growth and greater focus on growing large cities”, the city centres are the most important.

The report says there are some key areas of concern for the future.

The cities are vulnerable to the “futurist and disruption theory”, which suggests “a great many” cities will be unable to sustain themselves if they do not have the infrastructure to support their growth, the report says.

“This can lead to economic and social disruption and social unrest, including the loss of jobs, and to a decline in quality of life,” it states.

“With little certainty, it may also lead to the decline of a large city.”

The report’s authors say cities should “focus on the biggest centres”, and that there is little evidence that large cities will survive in the longer term without strong regional centres.

It points out that Australia has seen a large increase in urban growth over the past three decades, with suburbs such as Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth all growing at more than 10 per cent a year.

However, the research says the number of suburbs in Australia has declined to a level not seen since the 1950s, and urban centres are experiencing a decline of their own.

The research also says cities need to focus more on their growth potential.

“The current economic climate and the uncertainty associated with the federal budget could reduce the likelihood of a strong economic recovery in the short term, with the long-term implications of the future economic and demographic developments,” the report states.

The report concludes that a lack of regional centres will likely limit the growth potential of cities, with greater focus being given to “centres that have the most to offer”.

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