‘We’re a little bit like the old boys club’: A woman finds out how a city shop can help save a life

A woman in a wheelchair who has spent her entire life in a hospital says the fact she is able to access her own shop makes it all the more important.

Read moreRead moreAmber is the owner of O’Neill’s, a small shop on Oxford Street that is run by her sister-in-law.

“It’s a really good shop,” she said.

“We do a lot of things that are quite unusual and quite unique.”

“It can be pretty stressful sometimes to go and buy things,” she explained.

“But I think you get used to it.”

Ive been to a lot more shops, but never O’Neil’s.

It has been great.

Ive had so many good experiences.

I love doing the things I love, and I love being in the shop.

But I got my first round of chemotherapy and then my second round of chemo, and then I got another round. “

I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t have a walk, I was going to have to wear a walker,” she recalled.

“But I got my first round of chemotherapy and then my second round of chemo, and then I got another round.

I got to see a lot, and they were so different.”

Read the full story Amber has been working with her sister and her mum to find ways to get her shopping done and her life back on track.

“I think we are the exception, in terms of people who have gone through it,” she told Business Insider.

“People are very open, but the average person is quite shy and they don’t talk to people about it.”

She said the shop has become a place where people who are diagnosed with illness can connect and have an outlet.

“You have to feel a little special to be able to go there and talk about your situation and the struggles,” she added.

“So, we’re a bit like a little club for people that are on the spectrum.”

O’Neill has had to close for the second time since the diagnosis, and is now closing for good.

“There is a lot going on around us,” she revealed.

“We have a lot to deal with.”

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