UK shopping season kicks off with UK supermarket boycott

UK supermarkets are taking their shopping season off for a week in protest at a new UK Government policy that they say will harm their business. 

The Government said that retailers could sell products that were harmful to the environment, which they say would have a negative impact on local economies. 

“This decision is deeply disappointing and in line with a wider shift in British consumer attitudes to environmental protection,” a spokesperson for Tesco told UK news outlet The Sun. 

Tesco also said it was “taking all steps to ensure that the environment and consumer wellbeing are protected.” 

The UK has become increasingly worried about the impact of carbon dioxide emissions from factories and the impact it is having on the UK’s climate. 

In March, the UK Government announced it would be shutting down its coal-fired power plants, which are responsible for around 40% of the country’s electricity production. 

Prime Minister Theresa May said the move was to make the country more energy efficient, but critics have questioned why the Government would shut down plants that are already running at full capacity. 

Last week, Prime Minister Jeremy Hunt announced that he was planning to make “a big deal” about stopping new coal plants being built. 

According to the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, about 80% of UK households already have a carbon offset scheme in place, which is a way for companies to offset the carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels. 

With the Government set to cut carbon emissions by around 6% by 2020, many countries around the world have vowed to follow the UK lead in cutting their emissions. 

However, many businesses, including supermarkets, believe that the move will hurt them in the long run. 

Many supermarkets have been boycotting products from a variety of food companies in an effort to protest against the new policy, and many say they will take their business elsewhere. 

On Tuesday, UK supermarket chain Waitrose, which was founded in 1865, announced it was ending its direct-to-consumer sales. 

Waitrose also announced that it was halting the use of online shopping in all its stores. 

But Waitrose also said that it will continue to use its website to offer a range of products, and that the chain has been “working closely with partners to support our employees and the local community.” 

“We understand the concern and disappointment many British consumers have for the decision,” a Waitrose spokesperson told the BBC. 

While many supermarkets are boycotting the products, the company has also started selling a new food, called “Scoop” that has been branded as organic. 

Scoops are a frozen dessert that are filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese and a caramel sauce. 

A spokesperson for Waitrose said that they were not planning on discontinuing their sales, but that they will be offering the Scoop food online. 

It is not clear what other British retailers will be boycotting in protest against Prime Minister Hunt’s decision, but many have expressed support for the UK government. 

 “I have been a member of Waitrose for 18 years and the company will not be abandoning our commitment to working with local communities and delivering food to people who need it most,” said a Waitress spokesperson. 

There is also a new online grocery service called Fresh Food, which has been launched in several cities across the UK, and is currently offering a range, including sandwiches and burgers. 

Fresh Food also said they were “in discussion with other grocery companies” about launching a similar service in the future. 

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