Why is the world’s most expensive baby not a boy?

In some parts of the world, children’s clothes are the most expensive in the world.

The price of a baby’s shirt, on the other hand, is only $5.

“There’s this stigma around what a boy or girl can wear, and it’s often about what’s considered ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’,” says Joanna Henson, a consultant in consumer research and marketing.

When it comes to buying boys and girls, it’s a much less complicated issue.

Children are more likely to be taught about gender roles than girls.

For example, in the UK, the gender ratio of boys to girls in primary school is 11:1, compared to 9:1 for girls.

So, if a boy has a shirt that says he’s a boy, then he’s probably a boy.

But in the US, the ratio is 3:1.

It’s also much easier to find clothes for boys in certain countries.

In the US and the UK – which are not part of the EU – a child can get a £15 shirt if he or she has a female breast.

In Canada, a boy can get the same shirt for £12.

However, in Canada, it is illegal to give your child clothes from the US that don’t conform to the gender they were assigned at birth.

But the UK has a different situation.

In England, the age of majority is 16 and there is no age limit on wearing clothes.

If a child is under 16, they can only buy clothing from the gender listed on the front.

This means boys can buy clothing with shirts that are masculine or feminine, or have skirts that show a bit of cleavage.

A girl can buy clothes from a boy for £2.

And the gender of the clothing can also be a big factor.

In the US for example, boys can choose between a shirt called a dress shirt or a suit shirt.

A dress shirt is more masculine than a suit, which is more feminine than a dress.

On the other side of the pond, boys and men can buy identical clothing that is more or less the same, but have different names.

For example, the boys’ clothes are called boys’ shirts.

According to Henson’s research, women’s clothing, on its own, is expensive, but the bigger the gender, the more expensive it gets.

So if a baby is in a gender that is traditionally masculine, the shirt will be priced at around £3.

Women will also be less likely to buy clothing that reflects their gender, because they’ll be more likely not to feel comfortable wearing clothes that say they’re masculine.

This is because boys tend to feel more comfortable wearing dresses than girls do.

Henson says a child’s shirt can be made to match the gender he or her birth gender, and can even be made into an exact replica of the clothes they were wearing at birth, with a few minor modifications.

Some of the changes children can make to their clothes include: a shirt to match their birth gender with the number on the back

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