The 10 best shopping malls in America

By: Sami Hounsell | Published: March 05, 2020 10:27:42The five malls in the Cheddar City area of Cedar City, Iowa are the largest in the state and one of the largest shopping centers in the country.

The malls are the focal points of the shopping complex and have been an important source of revenue for the city.

Cedar City has been trying to find new ways to generate revenue through the mall.

The shopping center is located on a 3,000-acre agricultural land, and the site is leased to the Cedar City Farmers Market.

Cheddar City was the first mall in the United States to have its own market, which attracts thousands of shoppers each week.

The market is the second largest in Iowa, and it has grown by 50 percent over the past five years.

The mall is also a community asset.

It has been home to the city’s mayor for the past 13 years and has hosted many community events including the annual Cheddar-Sugar Creek Festival.

Cheddar is a hub for the Cedar River.

Cabot said it has found a way to bring a local community together with a shopping experience that is fun and interactive.

The new mall opened in May, and there are plans for more additions to the mall in future years.

“It’s not just about the malls; it’s about the community as well.

It’s about people being able to shop and be part of a community, and be able to come together, be comfortable, and feel like they can come to their local mall for a fun day,” Cabot said.

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