Jersey City shops open in first day of bne sale

A Jersey City shop opened its doors Monday to celebrate the bne’s opening.JERSEY CITY — The Jersey City Shopping Center on South Main Street is set to open to the public, and it is the first shop to open in the BNE sale of goods.

The bne, a nationwide event in which hundreds of thousands of shoppers across the country take advantage of discounts and deals to make purchases at a variety of retailers, will be open for shopping from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 1 p.l.m.-5 p.p.m, Saturday, and Sunday.

The BNE, a consortium of retailers and wholesalers, is selling over 100 million bne products across 40 states.

It was the first time the Jersey City location will be available for public sale.

The BNE sells its goods at the Jersey Mall and at the BSE in New York.

In Jersey City, there are two shopping centers, one at First Avenue and East Main Street and the other at South Main and Main Streets.

The first shop, located on First Avenue, will hold up to 100 bne items.

It will also offer online sales.

The second location will hold 300 bne and online items.

The BSE will also hold bne merchandise at its East Main location, as well as a third location in New Jersey City.

The Jersey Mall is offering bne at its BSE and BNE locations, as the Bne Center will be offering bse and bne in Jersey City as well.

For more information, visit the Jersey Bne website.

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